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Join the Sceats Family Company

The Sceats family has humble roots that can be traced back to Old Sodbury Gloucestershire. Over the 18th and 19th centuries, branches of the family moved around England and especially to Bethnal Green and South London. Family members emigrated to New Zealand, Australia and North America. 


The Sceats family escaped grinding poverty and went on to specialise in mercantile activity including commodity broking and the wine & spirit trade. Amber Sceats jewellery design and Jonathan Hennessy Sceats optical design are two of the more prominent family brands.  


Sceats Family Shareholder Advisory Board

El-Bart has a unique Shareholder Advisory Board made up of family members. Anyone born Sceats or married into the family can apply – at the nominal fee of Ten Guineas (£10.50) - for a special class of share with only upside valuation potential, and a seat on the Shareholder Advisory Board. 


The Family Shareholder Advisory Board have a say in the running of the company through the advice they impart to the Board of Directors. Any member of the Family Shareholder Advisory Board has the potential to convert to full shares and get further involved if they wish.


If you are a member of the global Sceats family and would like to be part of the El-Bart story, just drop us a line at where you will be met with the warmest family welcome. 

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